Out of this World! A “Space” themed Birthday Party for an OUTATHISWORLD little guy!

I love kid’s birthday parties.

EVERYTHING about them.

I love planning them, cooking for them, hosting them, eating at them…..everything!

I must disclose, however, that in this post I am pretty much just the messenger…. apart from the “Alien Star” food labels with the googly eyes and the “Metoeorites” I had pretty much nothing else to do with the entire event!

The party was hosted by my sister “N” in honour of my gorgeous nephew “A1” turning 3! Happy Birthday Louli-pop!


The invitiations were bought in a pack of 12 (I think) from Papier D’amour – the store is in Double Bay (in Sydney) but you can shop online by clicking here.

They had rockets and aliens and UFO’s on them, but were still stylish, if that makes sense! Not cheap but vey cute!


Being a 3rd bday, Sissy didn’t want to go cwaaaaazy w the decos so she kept it pretty minimal.

Using chalk, she wrote the numbers counting down from 10 to 1 on the pavement.

She then made a really simple “BLAST OFF” sign.

Double sided silver cardboard stars, courtesy of Aunty T, were hung in the garden with fishing line.

The cups and plates were all blue with stars on them and the straws were blue and white striped!

It must be noted that the garden looked BEAUTIFUL as well – the hydrangeas are STUNNNNNNNING at this time of year!


METEORITES aka Honey Joys. Childhood memories with every bite. Get the recipe here

STAR SAMBOS – also moons, rockets and aeroplanes – with Vegemite, and Ham and Cheese.

MOON ROCKS – aka Chocolate crackles. Get the recipe here. Thanks Morls!

FRUIT ROCKETS – aka fruit on a skewer in shape of rocket.


ALIEN CUPCAKES – Alien character from Toy Story 3

ROCKET ICY POLES – Watermelon flavour.



I loved what Sissy did with the lolly bags! She covered take away coffee cups with alfoil, made a cardboard cone as the top and little wing-y things as well! SO clever. She wrote each childs initials and age on the side of the “rockets”.


The cake was a “Rocket” made from a basic vanilla cake recipe with vanilla and chocolate layered icing.

It was decorated with silver and red balls and liquorice.

It was placed on a black cake board which was decorated with silver stars and layered with white marshmallows (rocket smoke from take off)

It “took off” via sparklers that were inserted into it’s rear.

The kids went NUTS for it!

If you enjoyed this post, you may also want to check out the one I wrote after my daughter’s 1st bday party – click here!

Happy Birthday Louli!


  1. Ingrid

    Far out Phoodie, you and your sister outdid yourself! How incredible! I might make some fruit rockets for myself actually. Great to see another blog post from you xx

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