Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) is fast approaching and what better way is there to celebrate than by making traditional Honey Cake!!

I have NEVER smelled anything as delicious as the batter  for this cake iN MY LIFE!

IN. MY. LIFE. people.

I hadn’t heard of this cake until recently, but as soon as I did, I KNEW I had to have it!

After consulting with my very dear friends Carmelle and Shelly, I settled on the well known Monday Morning Cooking Club recipe, which you can find by clicking here. It should be noted that I added 1 teaspoon of All Spice and 1 teaspoon of Cinnamon to the dry ingredients mixture and I think it tasted DELICIOUS! The recipe is fantastic and the cake was SO SO SO moist and flavoursome I could cry over it for CENTURIES!

Jump to it folks!

And now for some traditional Phoodie step by step snap-aroos!


p.s This Friday, September 14th I will be “Appearing” on the AMAZING Mamamia! (One of Australia’s fastest growing and largest independent women’s websites) Come and join in the conversation over there, it’s bound to be a cracker! Make sure to leave comments and questions so that I can interact with all of you phabulous phans! If you want a reminder for Friday, come and “like” Phoodie over on Facebook as I will be shooting one out from there on the day! www.facebook.com/phoodieblog

L’Shana Tova!


    • phoodie

      Danielle! Thanks SO much for your comment – have fixed the link! Scroll down, it’s Gina’s Hair raising honey cake”! :) Let me know how you go! :) Phoodie

  1. Val

    I love love love your blog!! I discovered you when reading mamamia and one commenter called for you and you came to her rescue! So cool! I love your recipes and I love the step by step pics. Just a question though. Do you have a printer friendly version? For those of us that don’t have an ipad to use in the kitchen? : p

    • phoodie

      Hey Val! Thanks SO much for your support and for reading the blog! I just wrote back to a commenter asking the same question!!! And lots of others have asked too! Since people started asking this I have formatted my posts so that all the writing is at the top i.e. the ingredients list and the method, and then all the pics follow after. So you will see in all my recent recipes, and I will continue to do this, if you press your “print button” you will need to select ONLY pages 1 and 2 for e.g. instead of having to print 20 pages to get the dispersed recipe! I wish I knew how to create a printer friendly version button but I am not smart enough for that! In the updated website (When that comes about) I will DEFINITELY have one! :) Phoodie

      • Val

        You’re awesome! Thank you! I spent half of today copying and pasting your recipes into word! lol!
        can’t wait to try your recipes out!

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